I worked with Dave Kavanagh on The Capist, and he produced a beautiful piece of work, exactly what I needed, and in less than a day! I'll definitely be working with him again. - Paul Anderton

Dave Kavanagh scored my film Love Story. He was a pleasure to work with and what he came up really did make the film. His enthusasm and dedication for the project was astounding and I will jump at the chance to work with him again. - Paul Thorp

Dave K is equal parts professional and creative. We worked together over a period of several weeks and never once did the process become laborious. He’s always eager to collaborate and to try new ideas. An absolute pleasure to work with and I hope we work together again soon! - John Grey

This evening I'm filled with angst and cannot muster the eloquent words befitting the transcendant and life affirming experience of working with Dave. So I'm going to have some cocoa and get some sleep. - Naomi Pattirane

Dave Kavanagh is an excellent composer who wrote a fantastic piece of music for my short film. After seeing a rough cut he'd captured the mood of the piece and delivered a first draft within hours. He then perfected it over the next few weeks and delivered a perfectly crafted score that was adapted to my notes. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a fast and creative musical collaborator. - Dan Crooke

Dave Kavanagh produced a brilliant score for a film I had planned. I explained the emotion, feeling and pace I required and he adapted an exising piece to fit my needs perfectly. Plus it was a really cool tune as well! I'm looking forward to working with him again soon. - Jenny Longworth

Dave K is a superb classicly trained multi-instrumentalist composer who instinctively creates music that captures the spirit of my work. He knows how to communicate with a director to create a soundtrack that adds flesh to the bones of your vision. His diverse range allows him to create a unique and vibrant cinematic soundscape. - Naomi Pattierane